Hartington (2), Derbyshire Location map
  Picture of Hartington, Derbyshire Peak District   Hartington, Derbyshire.

This view of Hartington is from the churchyard

Charles Cotton was born at nearby Beresford Hall and there is a hotel in the village square named after him. He introduced Issac Walton to the Peak District and together they wrote 'The Complete Angler'.


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  Picture of Hartington Hall YHA, Hartington, Derbyshire Peak District   Hartington, Derbyshire.

Hartington Hall is a magnificent manor house dating back to 1611 and is now used as a YHA hostel.

According to the sign outside they have en-suite bedrooms as well as dormitory rooms and accomodation can be allotted to non-members if available but at a higher rate. The restaurant is, apparently, also available to the general public as well as YHA members.


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  Picture of the countryside around Hartington, Derbyshire Peak District   Hartington, Derbyshire.

Hartington is situated in an ancient and man made landscape, criss crossed by stone walls and patterned with trees, planted in rows, groups and plantations to provide shelter from the winds that sweep across the limestone plateau. These shelterbelts were often planted on land unsuitable for grazing or anything else.

This is the track from Biggin to Hartington.


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  Picture of Biggin, Hartington, Derbyshire Peak District   Biggin.

This shows the upper reaches of Biggin Dale which starts by the road in the village of biggin and goes down to join Wolfscote Dale. The distance from the top of the dale to Wolfscote Dale is about two miles.



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