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Great site lots of information. I take pictures mainly of Felixstowe, love it. have a look. I love Suffolk. Rgards Barrie Jones

Barrie Jones, Felixstowe

I visited the White Hart in Saxmundham with my family(my father,Maurice John Sage)was originally from the area.It was about 35yrs ago,is the White Hart still there?

roger sage, wirral Fri 20th Feb 2009

My husband and I visited Kersey, Suffolk. It was just as lovely as we had pictured. My husband said he did not think he would ever get there in his life. It is his ancestral home and he was moved by the beauty of it. We bought lots of things at the church and several pieces of pottery to be shipped home. The people in the UK are so pleasant and helpful. We would be hopelessly lost on the tube or the bus and always someone would come to our rescue. We hope to return and visit more of Suffolk County. Thank you all for a wonderful trip. Jane Kersey, August 17, 2010

Jane Kersey Tue 17th Aug 2010

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