New Alresford (1), Hampshire. Location map
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  Scene showing New Alresford, Hampshire (Hants), England   New Alresford, Hampshire.

The town was founded in the 12th Century although the buildings are now mostly Georgian. The name is pronounced 'Allsford'.

This view is in Broad Street facing the church of St. John the Baptist.

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  View of High Street, New Alresford, Hampshire (Hants), England   New Alresford.

Some of the pretty colour-washed houses in East Street

In the 17th and 18th centuries the town was destroyed by fire several times. After the fire of 1763 the town was almost completely rebuilt

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  View of St. John the Baptist's Church, New Alresford, Hampshire (Hants), England   St. John the Baptist church, New Alresford.

There are, apparently, some french people buried here having been prisoners of war from the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

This church also suffered in the fires and had to be rebuilt but a few old Norman bits remain. It has records dating from 1678.


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  Photograph of the Railway Station, Alresford, Hampshire (Hants), England   Alresford railway station.

Alresford station is at one end of the Mid-Hants Railway also known as the Watercress Line which runs for ten miles with its other terminus being at Alton.

This train is headed by locomotive BR 92212.

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