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We stayed in this hotel for 5 nights during our visit to Wells in August, 2008.

This hotel has a U-shaped cobbled yard wrapped around it so that it has an opening on each side of the hotel in Sadler Street (It was a coaching inn in the past with stabling for horses). This yard is where you park your car. It is a little awkward and restricted but there is one space for each room. Our room turned out to be at the back of this yard at ground level.

The room was termed a 'superior' room and it may have been compared to their other rooms but in our experience it fell, in size, between a standard room and a superior room. It had two small windows and one of those looked out into the yard which had a wall on the left which must have been around 10 feet high cutting out a lot of light from the sky. The other window looked along one one arm of the cobbled yard which had a roof stretching back for around 20 feet and so very little light there. This gave it the atmosphere of a converted bunker and must have been the darkest hotel room we have ever had.

The room was large enough to accommodate a large comfortable sofa and a large, also comfortable, double bed. There was also a dressing table with a few drawers and a built in wardrobe with hanging space and shelf. The bathroom was windowless (not unusual), of a reasonable size and the general decor was good except for the shower cubicle (no bath). The business part of shower head looked pretty awful although it was caused only by patches of coating missing - it just looked nasty but would have been cheap enough to replace. The corners of the shower cubicle had been roughly bodged up with sealant obviously to stop it leaking and there were numerous patches of black mould on the sealant. This wouldn't come off, otherwise it would have been cleaned off, and didn't really present a problem except cosmetically. It would be an inexpensive job to renew the sealant properly and that would improve the appearance of the cubical dramatically but the management don't appear to want to do it.

I did use the shower and it was perfectly functional but I could understand other people not wanting to use it simply because of the way it looked.

We were staying on Dinner, Bed & Breakfast terms and so had to choose our dinner from the Table D'hote menu. This had just four options - Roast Pork, Fish and Chips, Ham Salad or a vegatarian option so not a lot of choice for 5 days. Luckily we could also eat at their sister hotel across the street - literally. We decided to try the roast pork for our first night. We both reached the conclusion that the pork and the roast potatoes had been pre-cooked and then reheated. We also noted that we've had better gravy from a packet. The starter and the dessert were, by comparison, very good. We opted, for the rest of our stay, to have our dinners across the road. There was nothing wrong with breakfast and there was a good selection of cereals and cooked food.

Dinner in their sister hotel, The Ancient Gatehouse Hotel, was remarkably good. The restaurant was nice and cosy with two tablecloths on each table, the top one being coloured and the one underneath being white. There were proper linen napkins which were the same colour as the top tablecloth but more importantly the food was excellent. One of the main course options was slow roasted duck leg which we both tried and enjoyed so much we had it again later in the week.

The staff in both the White Hart and the Ancient Gatehouse were very nice and I really can't see why one hotel, the Ancient Gatehouse, should be so much better than the White Hart as they are both run by the same family. I gather that the rooms in the Ancient Gatehouse are a bit small but very comfortable so if you were to consider staying in one or the other I would have to suggest the Ancient gatehouse even though it has no parking space of its own.

The White Hart does have its own web site but I have to say that we could not recommend it even though it is ideally situated in the city for sightseeing.

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