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  Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England   Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

From a distance you cannot miss Lincoln Cathedral sitting atop the hill on which the city of Lincoln is built. Before the Normans built the cathedral the Romans occupied that same hilltop and before them the prehistoric tribes. Lincoln's history goes back thousands of years.

Lincoln is easy to get to both by train and by road being not far east of the A1.

We stayed at the Hillcrest Hotel for the duration of our visit to Lincoln in July, 2011.

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  View of the Castle from the Market Square, Lincolnshire, England   The Castle, Lincoln.

A short distance from the cathedral is the Norman castle here seen from the market square. William the Conqueror began building Lincoln Castle just two years after the Battle of Hastings in 1068 on the site of a previous Roman fortress.

We have been to the top of that round tower on the left and I can tell you that the views are pretty impressive.


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  Steep Hill, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England   Steep Hill, Lincoln.

The easiest, and nicest, way to walk from the Cathedral area to the lower city centre is down Steep Hill through The Strait and into High Street and this photograph shows part of that route along narrow cobbled streets.

If steep hills are a problem for you then you will be relieved to hear that there is a little bus, called Walk & Ride, that runs between the top and bottom of the hill although not along these streets which are practically devoid of vehicular traffic.

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  High Bridge, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England   High Street, Lincoln.

High Bridge carries High Street over the River Witham and is the oldest bridge in the United Kingdom that still has shops on it. There is access to the riverside via steps on both sides of the river and both sides of the bridge.

The steps down the far side of the bridge, on the north end, are narrow being wide enough for only one person.


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