Pickering Place, London Location map
  View of the entrance to Pickering Place, London, England   Mayfair area.

This covered alley is the entrance to Pickering Place off St. James's Street and leads into one of the smallest squares in London.

You may notice, further along on the right, a door with a light above and what is that plaque on the wall?



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  Photograph of  St. James's Church, Piccadilly, London, England   Mayfair area.

This plaque indicates that part of Pickering Place was home to the embassy of the Texas Republic until it joined the United States in 1845 and that door with the light over it was the entrance.



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  View of Pickering Place and entrance, London, England   Mayfair area.

This view is in Pickering Place looking back through the entrance passage into St. James's Street. Pickering Place is also the last place in London where a duel was fought.

It is also one of the few places in London still lit by gaslight.



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  Photograph of  Georgian buildings, Pickering Place, London, England   Mayfair area.

The original gaslights, unspoilt Georgian architecture and quiet seclusion take you back to Georgian times. In the 18th century this seclusion was one of the reasons that Pickering Place was notorious for its gambling dens, bear baiting and duels!

It is even said that Beau Brummel, close friend of King George IV and inventor of the cravat, once fought here.


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