Crickhowell, Brecknockshire (Powys). Location map
  Town Centre, Crickhowell, Brecknockshire (Powys), Wales   Crickhowell.

The name 'Crickhowell' is taken from that of the nearby Iron Age hill fort of Crug Hywel above the town, the Welsh language name being anglicised by map makers and local English speaking people. The town lies on the River Usk, on the southern edge of the Black Mountains and in the eastern part of the Brecon Beacons National Park.



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  Bridge Street, Crickhowell, Brecknockshire (Powys), Wales   Crickhowell.

There are some interesting narrow streets here of which Bridge Street is one. The hill showing at the back is the Llangattock Escarpment made of Carboniferous Limestone and riddled with caves some of which are large and complex.



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  The 18th century bridge, Crickhowell, Brecknockshire (Powys), Wales   Crickhowell.

This early 18th century bridge is worth a visit. It is believed to have existed since medieval times although the original was made from timber. It was completely rebuilt with stone in 1706. Unusually it has 12 arches on the upstream side but 13 arches on the downstream side. It is 420 feet long and 13 feet between the parapets.


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  Crickhowell Castle, Brecknockshire (Powys), Wales   Crickhowell.

There isn't much left of the medieval Crickhowell Castle. It had become uninhabitable by the mid 16th century and much of the stone was used to build the town of Crickhowell.


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  Tretower Court, Tretower, Crickhowell, Brecknockshire (Powys), Wales   Crickhowell.

About 3 miles north west of Crickhowell is the small village of Tretower and the medieval fortified manor house of Tretower Court.The Court evolved from the adjacent Tretower Castle site and is a very rare example of its type in that it shows the way in which a castle gradually developed into another significant type of medieval building; the fortified manor house or defended house.

This shows the entrance gateway seen from the upper gallery.

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