Dunster Location map
  View of Dunster village, Somerset, England   Dunster is a medieval village shown here with the 11th century castle on the hill in the distance.

There is a working water mill in the village, which charges an entrance fee, together with a small teashop with outdoor tables in a small garden area next to the mill stream. Quite a pleasant setting but the teashop fare was pretty average.

Dunster is also served by the West Somerset Steam Railway although the station is almost a mile from the village centre.


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  View of Dunster Castle, Dunster, Somerset, England   Dunster Castle.

The original castle dated from the 11th century but was remodelled in the 17th century when a Jacobean country house was built in the Lower Ward. In 1650 the fortifications were demolished on the orders of Oliver Cromwell and during the 19th century the castle was once again remodelled to give us the structure we see today.

Dunster Castle is owned by the National Trust.


Photo: Peter Tremain

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  View of the Medieval Yarn Market, Dunster, Somerset, England   The Yarn Market.

This structure was erected about 1609 to shelter traders and their wares from the weather. Damaged during the Civil War it was restored in about 1647.

Local cloth was known as "Dunsters" which is how the village acquired its name.


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  Scene showing Gallox Medieval Packhorse Bridge over the River Avill, Dunster, Somerset, England   Gallox Bridge, a medieval packhorse bridge crossing the river Avill, is just a short walk from the water mill.

People, and horses of course, were using this bridge hundreds of years before Henry the Eighth came to the throne.




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