The Northern Forest, Epping Forest (8) Location map
  View showing Cushion Moss, Epping Forest, Essex, England   Cushion Moss (Leucobryum glaucum) near the Tippa Burn.

This moss is so called because it forms small mounds like cushions and is found, in quantity, in only three locations in Britain of which Epping Forest is one.

The Tippa Burn, which is just out of the picture on the right, is a small stream which rises in Jack's Hill Bog. This part of the forest lies between High Beech and Epping.


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  View showing a large Beech pollard, Epping Forest, Essex, England   A large Beech pollard.

This was to one side of the Green Ride on the edge of Great Monk Wood. Beech pollards in Epping Forest can grow to over 1000 years old.

You will notice that this pollard is rather knobbly in appearance which is common among pollards although it is not known if pollarding actually causes it.

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  View showing a large Beech coppard, Epping Forest, Essex, England   A large Beech coppard.

A coppard is the result of pollarding a coppiced tree. Coppicing entails originally cutting the tree at ground level unlike a pollard which is cut above the deer and cattle browsing line. In this case we end up with a very large tree.

This tree was by the Green Ride.

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  View of the Green Ride, Epping Forest, Essex, England   The Green Ride.

This ride goes from Chingford to Epping, skirting the edge of Ambresbury Banks Iron Age Hill Fort, and is seen here passing through Great Monk Wood. After Great Monk Wood the Green Ride crosses Golding's Hill, passes between the Furze Ground and Copley Plain, then on to cross Jack's Hill.


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