Bishops Waltham (1), Hampshire. Location map
  Photograph of a pretty street near the church, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Hants), England   Upper Basingwell Street, Bishops Waltham.

Bishops Waltham is a Medieval town and was the seat of the Bishops of Winchester in Medieval times. A lot of it appears to have been rebuilt since then but there are still some very interesting ancient buildings.

This rather narrow and attractive street, leading away from Bank Street, is in the area near St. Peter's Church.

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  Photograph of ancient half-timbered buildings, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Hants), England   16th Century half-timbered buildings in Bank Street, Bishops Waltham.

Note the jettied upper storey on the nearest building.


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  Photograph of St. Peter's Church, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Hants), England   The entrance to St. Peter's Churchyard, Bishops Waltham.

This building is of Norman origin with later additions and alterations.


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  Photograph of St. Peter's Church, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Hants), England   St. Peter's Church, Bishops Waltham.

The 14th Century clock, seen halfway up the tower, came from the Bishop's Palace during the civil war. Its pendulum weighs 6 cwt (hundredweights) and is the third heaviest in the world.


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  Photograph of the Bishop's Palace ruins, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire (Hants), England   Bishop's Palace, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire.

A moated Bishop's residence built in 1136 by Henry de Blois who's tomb is in the Quire of Winchester Cathedral.

It was destroyed, reconstructed as a palace, then fortified during the Civil War which led, again, to its destruction. The ruined buildings that remain date mainly from the 15th century.

This view is looking into the Great Hall from the service rooms near the kitchen.

This site has its own free car park.

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