Charnwood Forest (1), Leicestershire. Location map
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  Scene showing Woodhouse Eaves from Broombriggs Hill, Leicestershire, England   Woodhouse Eaves.

Woodhouse Eaves is a pleasant leafy village and although it couldn't be regarded as a tourist attraction in it's own right it doesn't lack interest. It makes a very good centre for exploring the Charnwood Forest area with Beacon Hill and Broombriggs Hill being within easy walking distance; this photograph having been taken from Broombriggs Hill.

We made Woodhouse Eaves our centre whilst exploring Charnwood Forest and we stayed at Curtain Cottage for the duration of our trip.


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  View of the top of Beacon Hill, Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, England   Beacon Hill.

Beacon Hill is in Beacon Hill Country Park so no surprises there. It is virtually next to Woodhouse Eaves and the top of the hill can be reached on foot from the village making a pleasant walk through the lower wooded parts up to the more rugged, open top with the rather jagged precambrian rocks poking up through the soil.

Needless to say the views are tremendous.

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  View of Broombriggs Hill, Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, England   Broombriggs Hill.

Broombriggs Hill is also easily reached from Woodhouse Eaves and although not as rugged as the top of Beacon Hill it makes for a very pleasant walk with absolutely amazing panoramic views from the top.



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  View of Bradgate Park, Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire, England   Bradgate Park.

Bradgate Park Country Park is much larger than Beacon Hill Country Park but does feature the same precambrian rocks and similar breathtaking views over the surrounding landscape.

There are some added extras here which include the war memorial, an 18th century folly called 'Old John' and lower down the hill the remains of Bradgate Park House can be seen.


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