Docklands (5), London Location map
  View of the Millenium Dome, Docklands, London, England   Docklands.

The Millenium Dome seen across the River Thames from Prestons Road opposite the entrance to West India Dock.

The World's biggest dome was built on the Meridian Line (The Prime Meridian of the World) in Greenwich to celebrate the start of the current millenium.



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  View of Canary Wharf from Blackwall Basin, London, England   Docklands.

The buildings of Canary Wharf seen across Blackwall Basin.



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  Photograph of waterside properties, Blackwall Basin, Docklands, London, England   Docklands.

Some waterside properties on a small spur out of Blackwall Basin with the Millenium Dome showing in the background.



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  Photograph of Poplar Dock, Docklands, London, England   Docklands.

Connected to Blackwall Basin by a short canal is Poplar Dock seen here from the north end.


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