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  Photograph of the view from Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath, London, England   Hampstead, London

One of the features of Hampstead Heath, at 322 feet high, is Parliament Hill. It is noted for its excellent views of London's skyline. Although most of this view is eastwards, including the Shard, there is more to the west including the Houses of Parliament.

It is not a steep climb and is worth the effort.


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  Photograph of Flask Walk, Hampstead, London, England   Hampstead, London

Flask Walk runs from Hampstead High Street down to New End Square. The top part of Flask Walk between the High Street and Back Lane is a pedestrian alley but from Back Lane onwards is a normal, but narrow, road.

The 'Flask' part of the name stems from the old Hampstead Mineral Water business dating from at least 1700.


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  Photograph of the Bath House, Hampstead, London, England   Hampstead, London

The Bath House or, to give it its full name, the Wells and Camden Wash Houses and Baths dating from 1888. Since many of the worker's homes in Victorian Hampstead had no running water this public building provided both drinking water and facilities for bathing.

It has since been converted into private apartments.


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  Photograph of the Chalybeate Well, Hampstead, London, England   Regents Park area.

The Chalybeate Well is to be found in Well Walk which is near the northern end of Flask Walk. The water contains a high level of iron content thought, in Victorian times, to be beneficial to health.

Hampstead has a number of these springs some of which feed the River Fleet which runs into the Thames. Well Walk runs up to the edge of Hampstead Heath.


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