Rotherhithe (4), London Location map
  View of Brunel's Tunnel, Rotherhithe, London, England   Rotherhithe.

If you'd like to see Brunel's actual tunnel then this view from the platform at Wapping Station on the other side of the river is best (the end of the tunnel can't be seen from the Rotherhithe end). The distinctive horseshoe shape of the tunnel arch is clearly visible.

The Underground trains use this tunnel under the River Thames between Wapping and Rotherhithe.


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  View of an old bascule bridge, Rotherhithe, London, England   Rotherhithe.

Following Rotherhithe Street east from the Brunel Museum will bring you to the entrance to Surrey Water where the road goes over the water on this old bascule bridge. It is very much like the old bridges at Shadwell Basin and, like them, no longer lifts.



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  Photograph of the Old Salt Quay pub, Rotherhithe, London, England   Rotherhithe.

Opposite the bridge is the Old Salt Quay pub which is an old converted warehouse.


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  Photograph of Surrey Water, Rotherhithe, London, England   Rotherhithe.

Turning inland away from the river by the short canal brings you to Surrey Water; one of the old docks. The tall buildings at Canary Wharf across the river are clearly visible.



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