The Beachy Head area Location map
  Beachy Head and Lighthouse, South Downs, Sussex, England   The South Downs Coast.

Beachy Head and the Beachy Head Lighthouse seen from the west. Those whiter than white cliffs would make a good advertisement for a washing product.

Beachy Head is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain at 530 feet and I can tell you from standing close to the exposed edge that it seems to be a very, very long way down.


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  On top of the cliffs at Beachy Head, South Downs, Sussex, England   The South Downs Coast.

The view west along the cliff tops where you can just see the Belle Tout Lighthouse perched on the cliff edge which sticks up a little near the centre of the picture. The headland on the horizon is Seaford Head.

In 1902 the Belle Toute Lighthouse was replaced by the new lighthouse at the foot of Beachy Head.

This area was also used for some of the scenes in one of the Harry Potter films.

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  Beachyhead, Lighthouse and walkers, South Downs, Sussex, England   The South Downs Coast.

Another view of the Beachy Head Lighthouse this time from the east. The small group of walkers on the cliff edge gives an idea of scale and, no, there is nothing to stop them falling off. The height of the lighthouse is 140 feet.

What is rather sobering is that all along this stretch of cliff there are little wooden crosses stuck into the turf as memorials to people who have deliberately jumped off.

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  Eastbourne from Beachyhead, South Downs, Sussex, England   The South Downs Coast.

Eastbourne seen from Beachy Head. The cliffs start to reduce in height as they go eastward until they disappear altogether when they reach Eastbourne. The chalk cliffs do, however, re-appear about 50 miles further east at Folkestone and Dover where the North Downs meet the sea.

There is a walk you could do from Eastbourne to Exceat which goes via Beachy Head, the Belle Tout Lighthouse, Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters through really beaufiful scenery.


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