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  View of Boggle Hole, North Yorks Moors, North Yorkshire, England   Boggle Hole.

Boggle Hole is a small gap in the cliffs where a small stream, Mill Beck, runs down to meet the sea and 'Boggle' is the local name for a hobgoblin.

Boggle Hole is in Robin Hood's bay but about one mile south of the village. On this visit we parked at Boggle Hole (free parking) and walked along the cliff tops to Robin Hood's Bay village looking at some wonderful scenery as we went.

The walk along the cliff top is easy but there is a stiff climb up some steps at Boggle Hole and another set of steps to get down again into Robin Hood's Bay village.

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  View of the bay, Robin Hood's bay, North Yorkshire, England   Robin Hood's Bay.

Robin Hood's Bay from the cliff top immediately above the village and looking south to Ravenscar the obvious headland in the distance.

It is possible, when the tide is out, to walk the length of the bay on the foreshore but keep a watchful eye on the tide or you could be cut off.


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  Photograph of Robin Hood's Bay village, North Yorkshire, England   Robin Hood's Bay village.

A pretty fishing village on the Yorkshire coast the tiny cottages and steep cobbled lanes of Robin Hood's Bay cling to the sides of the King's Beck ravine. It has been a fishing village since the 1500s and was once the haunt of smugglers.

This is King Street.


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  Photograph of one of the narrow lanes in Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, Great Britain   Robin Hood's Bay village.

A number of the lanes here are certainly not wide enough for cars as you can see here but you will still find shops and tea rooms along some of them.



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