Whitby (1), North Yorkshire Moors Location map
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  View of Whitby, North Yorks Moors, North Yorkshire, England   Whitby.

Although Whitby is on the East Coast this part of the coast actually turns to face north so that Whitby is divided into East and West by the River Esk. We are looking across the River Esk from the 199 Steps in the east part of Whitby to the bay and cliffs beyond in the west.

The west part of Whitby is mainly Victorian and the east part is the old town.


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  View of the Quay, Whitby, North Yorkshire, England   Whitby.

This is part of the quay and whilst we were in Whitby the tall ship 'Grand Turk', a replica of an 18th Century Royal Navy Frigate, was moored on Endeavour Wharf and you can see the masts in this view. It isn't always there though.

On the high ground in the distance the ruins of Whitby Abbey can be seen.


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  Photograph of St. Mary's Church, Whitby, North Yorkshire, England   Whitby.

The building of St. Mary's Church was started in 1110 although it has been enlarged and altered over the centuries. This church sits at the top of the 199 Steps adjacent to Whitby Abbey ruins in Whitby Old Town.

Bram Stoker lived in Whitby from 1890 to 1896 and he set one of the scenes in Dracula at this church.


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  Photograph of Pannett Park in Whitby, North Yorkshire, Great Britain   Whitby.

Pannett Park, together with the museum and gallery, were a gift of Whitby Solicitor, Robert Pannett (1834 - 1920), to house his art collection. Among the artifacts in the museum are collections of jet jewellery, fossils, model ships and Captain Cook artefacts.

I have to admit that it is a rather pleasant park, overlooking whitby, and with views of the abbey ruins. The abbey can be seen to the left of the dark red tree in the centre of the picture.


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