Sherborne (1), Dorset Location Map
  Sherborne Abbey, Dorset, England   Sherborne, Dorset

When you reach the centre of Sherborne you cannot fail to notice the rather impressive Sherborne Abbey.

The abbey was founded in 705 but the current church was mostly rebuilt in the 12th century, although some parts remain from Saxon times, and there are two Saxon kings buried here. Entrance is free.


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  St. John's Almshouse, Sherborne, Dorset, England   Sherborne, Dorset.

Near the south-west corner of the abbey in Half Moon Street is St. John's Almshouse dating from 1437.

Its Foundation Deed is dated 10th January 1437 and provided for 'twelve pore feeble and ympotent old men and four old women' to be cared for by a housewife whose duty was to ‘feeche in and dyght to the victaill wash wrying make beddys and al other things do’.


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  The Conduit, Sherborne, Dorset, England   Sherborne, Dorset.

At the southern end of Cheap Street is the early 16th century Conduit. This used to be the wash house for the monks of Sherborne Abbey but after the dissolution of the abbey by Henry VIII it was moved to its current position to be used by the local people for various purposes including as a police station and even a bank.



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  Cheap Streer, Sherborne, Dorset, England   Sherborne, Dorset

Cheap Street runs from near the abbey to Greenhills. Part the way up Cheap Street is the 16th, or early 17th, century Abbeylands shown on the left which is now part of Sherborne School. There are a number of fine ancient buildings in this street.



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  12th century Old Castle, Sherborne, Dorset, England   Sherborne, Dorset

The 12th century Old Castle was built as a fortified palace owned by the Church until the 16th century. The ruins are now managed by English Heritage.



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