Ightham, Kent Location map
  Photo showing the George and Dragon Inn, Ightham, Kent, England   Ightham is a small picturesque village lying between Sevenoaks and Maidstone. This shows the George and Dragon Inn; one of two inns in the village.

Legend has it that the George and Dragon, dating from 1515, was where Guy Fawkes hatched his infamous Gunpowder Plot and where he was captured after fleeing London when it failed. Queen Elizabeth I is also rumoured to have stayed at the inn.

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  Photo showing Ightham, Kent, England   This is a small village, the name 'Ightham' is pronounced as 'Item', but it does have a number of picturesque timber-framed buildings.



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  Photo showing the War Memorial, Ightham, Kent, England   This view is opposite the George and Dragon Inn and shows the War Memorial.



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  Photo showing Ightham Mote, Ighham, Kent, England   A few miles outside the village centre is Ightham Mote; a rather grand 14th century house complete with moat. This was our first view of the house as we came down the path from the entrance and we thought it looked pretty amazing although the moat is not visible from here.

It is now owned and maintained by the National Trust and so is open to the public but not on every day of the week. Check before you go!



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