Rochester (1), Kent Location map
  Photo showing High Street, Rochester, Kent, England   Rochester High Street.

Rochester, sited on the River Medway, has been occupied since before Roman times. Rochester was given city status in 1211, but this status was lost due to an administrative error when Rochester was absorbed by the Medway unitary authority.

There are a number of interesting ancient buildings in High Street.


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  Photo showing a 16th century house, Rochester, Kent, England   A 16th century timber-framed house in High Street which was used by Dickens as the model for Pumblechook's home in Great Expectations.

Rochester was for many years the favourite of Charles Dickens, who lived nearby at Gads Hill Place, Higham, and who based many of his novels in the area.


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  Photo showing Rochester Cathedral, Rochester, Kent, England   Rochester Cathedral seen from the top of the castle walls. The tower between the two transepts in the centre of the cathedral is thought to date from about 1108 and is the oldest part. There were some additions and alterations in the 13th century.

The church next to the cathedral is the Church of St. Nicholas built for the townspeople in 1423 after quarrels with the monks over the use of the cathedral and is now used as administrative offices.


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  Photo showing the castle keep, Rochester, Kent, England   Rochester Castle was started in 1088 but the keep, shown here, wasn't started until 1127. It is the tallest keep in the country at 115 feet.

The keep is open to the public and is well worth a visit but be warned, the medieval spiral stairways are well worn and uneven although not dangerous.



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