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The subject matter on this site requires, at the very least, reasonable weather so most of our travelling is done in the better months, May to October inclusive, so the majority of the updates will appear around those months. However some photographs may take a little longer to find their way onto the site and so there may still be updates appearing during the winter. Latest updates appear at the top of the page and older updates further down.

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 Added 28th January 2021.

Scene showing the Judges Lodging, Presteigne, Radnorshire, Wales
Presteigne, Radnorshire. - 4 new pages, 20 new pictures.

 Added 15th January 2021.

Scene showing the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre, Craven Arms, Shropshire, England
Craven Arms, Shropshire. - 3 new pages, 13 new pictures. This is a significant update on the existing pages.

 Added 12th January 2021.

Scene showing the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. - 3 new pages, 14 new pictures

 Added 9th January 2021.

Scene showing the Market Hall, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England
Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. - 6 new pages, 35 new pictures

 Added 23rd September 2020.

Scene showing Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales
Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. - 5 new pages, 25 new pictures

 Added 15th February 2020.

Scene showing Witley Court, Worcestershire, England
Witley Court, Worcestershire. - 3 new pages, 15 new pictures

 Added 3rd February 2020.

Scene showing Brockhampton Manor House, Herefordshire, England
Brockhampton, Herefordshire. - 3 new pages, 13 new pictures

 Added 31st January 2020.

Scene showing Penrhyn Castle, Caernarfonshire, Wales
Bangor, Caernarfonshire. - 5 new pages, 25 new pictures

 Added 19th January 2020.

Scene showing Neath Abbey, Glamorgan, Wales
Neath, Glamorgan. - 5 new pages, 25 new pictures

 Added 6th January 2020.

Scene showing Lake Vyrnwy, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Lake Vyrnwy, Montgomeryshire - 5 new pages, 26 new pictures

Scene showing the Butter Market, Hay-on-Wye, Brecknockshire, Wales
Hay-on-Wye, Brecknockshire - 3 new pages, 13 new pictures

 Added 08th December 2019.

Scene showing the Sugar Loaf, Monmouthshire, Wales
The Sugar Loaf, Monmouthshire - 2 new pages, 9 new pictures

 Added 08th December 2019.

Scene showing Gospel Pass, Brecknockshire, Wales
Gospel Pass, Monmouthshire - 1 new page, 5 new pictures

Scene showing Llanthony Priory, Monmouthshire, Wales
Llanthony Priory, Monmouthshire - 1 new page, 4 new pictures

 Added 30th November 2019.

Scene showing Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Tenby, Pembrokeshire - 5 new pages, 36 new pictures

 Added 21st January 2019.

Scene showing Stokesay Castle, Shropshire, England
Stokesay Castle, Shropshire - 2 new pages, 11 new pictures

 Added 9th January 2019.

Scene showing Attingham Hall, Shropshire, England
Attingham Park, Shropshire - 3 new pages, 16 new pictures

 Added 5th January 2019.

Scene showing Berrington Hall, Herefordshire, England
Berrington Hall, Herefordshire - 3 new pages, 16 new pictures

 Added 1st January 2019.

Scene near Brightlingsea, Essex, England
Brightlingsea, Essex - 4 new pages, 17 new pictures